Profile of St. Maria De Mattias

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Saint Maria De Mattias was the foundress of the Adorers.

She educated women and children during a time in history when it was unpopular to do so. She cared for the poor, and led a community of women that spread throughout the world.

This biography of her life, her calling by God, and her ministry gives us insight into the woman admired by many for her courage, compassion, and commitment.



What Merlini does not explain is the reason for that restlessness, which he describes, however, with these words: "She often went around the house jumping and running and being crazy, but always innocent things." Why that restlessness? Were all the De Mattiases like that? It doesn't seem that way to us. Leaders, with a strong sense of family name, with a periodic desire for the recognition of nobility usually have a sense of decorum and order. They were more inclined to extinguish fires, rather than light them. However, the mother, Ottavia De Angelis, appears to have been fiery, irritable. Perhaps it was from her that Maria had inherited that more striking quality of her nature.