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Leadership Team

Leadership Team

2018-2024 U.S. Regional Leadership Team

Our leadership team comprises one Regional Leader, four Regional Councilors, and a treasurer. Every six years, the vowed religious members vote to elect the leader and councilors. 

Each Councilor is a liaison to individual sisters and serves on various committees and boards.

Our Leadership Team, left to right: S. Michelle Woodruff, S. Maria Hughes, S. Angela Laquet (middle, rear), S. Vicki Bergkamp (middle, front), S. Mary Catherine Clark, S. Janet McCann

Vicki Bergkamp
Regional Leader

Mary Catherine Clark
Regional Councilor

Maria Hughes
Regional Councilor

Angela Laquet
Regional Councilor/Secretary

Janet McCann
Regional Councilor

Michelle Woodruff

Welcome to the web site of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ!

We are delighted to share with you our history, our hopes and dreams, and all that attracts our energy and prayer in these times.

We are an international community, but in these pages we are focused on the United States Region.

These pages are a work in progress just like all of us are, so come back often.

The women of this religious congregation are holy women, filled with courage and compassion to their dying day. You can depend on our prayers for you and all who enter into life and mission with us.


Vicki Bergkamp, ASC
US Regional Leader