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The Adorers Statement on Gun Control

 Adorers of the Blood of Christ1 Comment

We, the Leadership Team of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ of the United States Region, wish to publicly share our commitment to advocate for an end to gun violence and its root causes and to promote pragmatic solutions through significant and meaningful dialogue and legislation.

We support:

  • the dignity and value of human life;
  • the rights of individuals to lawfully own guns for protection and recreational purposes;
  • universal background checks on all gun purchases;
  • a waiting period before purchasing a gun;
  • banning assault-style rifles;
  • limiting access to all military or police-style guns;
  • requiring that all guns be sold and registered through licensed entities;
  • expanding and funding mental health care services

We applaud the dedication of law enforcement personnel to provide public and private citizens with protection and safety. We seek legislation that mandates and funds adequate training and protective equipment to law enforcement agents.

We denounce the position of those who use ‘the right to bear arms’ in the Second Amendment to the Constitution to mean private citizens should have unchecked access to all styles of guns without adequate legal verification of mental stability, mandatory gun safety training and licensing.

We walk as compassionate companions with all victims of gun violence.

Sisters Barbara Hudock, ASC, Francine Schuster, ASC, Jan Renz, ASC, Janet McCann, ASC, Maria Hughes, ASC


1 thought on “The Adorers Statement on Gun Control”

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    As a citizen of Kansas, the USA, and the World, I have never understood why the “right to bear arms” is so adamantly possessed by those who like to hunt with their guns, but why do they think everyone should have the right to carry a gun even when they do not use a gun to hunt. Why is there a military, a police force, if not to protect us from anyone who would use force to do harm against us? Why can’t people learn to converse when they have communication problems. Use of a gun only creates more problems than it solves. What happens to “brotherly love” when you use a gun to settle your problems instead of conversing with one who does not agree with your opinions? Why can’t the citizens of the world lay down their guns and only use them for hunting and target practice. Gun violence is no way to settle differences.

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