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Adorers Statement on the Death Penalty

 Adorers of the Blood of Christ1 Comment

We, Adorers of the Blood of Christ, believe that

  • all life is sacred,
  • capital punishment is an affront to the sacredness of life,
  • capital punishment does not serve as a deterrent to criminal behavior,
  • capital punishment does not heal the pain caused to the victim’s family, friends and others,
  • capital punishment perpetuates the cycle of violence, and conversion is as possible through God’s goodness for the perpetrator of the crime as for any person.

We endorse the abolishment of capital punishment in the States in which we live, the United States, and in the world and we commit ourselves to engage in activities that will seek to end the death penalty in those States where it is in effect and to work toward the goal of ending everywhere the option of the death penalty for criminal behavior.


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