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As Adorers, we stand on the shoulders of the incredible women who came before us. Their lives and stories light our way along the path that began with our Foundress, St. Maria de Mattias

Over the years, we’ve researched and written biographical profiles of these remarkable women. You’ll find a collection of these profiles below. Please note only the profiles that have been translated to English are available.

Our Stories

St. Maria de Mattias
Foundress | Rebel | Woman of God

The Four Evangelists
Sisters | Siblings | Heroines

Maria Theresa Weber
Trailblazer | Adventurer | Holy

Catherine Pavoni
Noble | Charismatic | Fierce 

Paulina Schneeberger
Leader | Writer | Counselor

Clementine Zerr
Pioneer | U.S. Foundress | Determined

Hermina Gantert
Anthropologist | Pilgrim | Insistent 

Serafina Cinque
Strong | Compassionate | Angel of Altamira

Martyrs of Charity
Fearless | Faithful | Committed 

Beata Netemeyer
Rugged | Courageous | Idealistic

Julitta Lisen
Risk-Taker | Gregarious | Magnetic

History and Letters

Our history is not just the lives of individuals, but the institutions, missions, and legacy they created. In the following books, you’ll find stories of their courage, perseverance, and sacrifice.

I have been in need of some soul-lifting, and rereading [Echoes in Our Hearts] has helped me.

Diane K.


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