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Profile of Paulina Schneeberger

 Adorers of the Blood of Christ

Sister Paulina Schneeberger is one of the great pillars in Adorers’ history.

Moving from central Europe to the Balkan Peninsula, and eventually to the United States, Paulina Schneeberger lived a life of adventure from 1863 to 1941. Political events of the time influence this woman’s life, and form the ever-changing background for her journeys.

Original text by Kathleen Washington. Revised and edited by Loretta Gegen, Angelita Myerscough and Emmanuel Palus. In consultation with Ines Kezic’ and Alma Pia Spieler.

© 1998 International Center of Spirituality

Profile Excerpt

The journey eastward took Paulina and the whole group through a number of large cities marked with the symbols and monuments of the Christian west. Meanwhile, every mile they traveled took them farther and farther from all that was familiar and from those they held most dear in this world. God was with them, they knew, as they journeyed onward by train, by large ship, by small rowboat and by wagon. As they lurched across rough country trails in Bosnia toward their destination in Banjaluka, no more baroque onion cupolas or gothic spires or bell towers were visible in the countryside. The only Catholic wayside shrines they could now visit were in their hearts. It was a very different world; yet, all was well.

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