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We stand on the shoulders of the women who came before us. These are the collections of their letters and the stories of their lives.

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We stand on the shoulders of the women who came before us. These are the collections of their letters and the stories of their lives.

Echoes in Our Hearts

In October of 1992, five U.S. Adorer missionaries in Liberia were murdered in that nation’s civil war. Sisters Barbara Ann Muttra, Shirley Kolmer, Mary Joel Kolmer, Agnes Mueller, and Kathleen McGuire are remembered today globally as the Martyrs of Charity. Within the community, they are still remembered as sisters and friends.

Profile of Julitta Llsen

This biography of Mother Julitta Llsen unfolds along the lines of an adventure story where courageous people face situations well beyond the normal limits and win the high stakes that everyone would have said were unattainable.

Missionaries More and More

By the time the foreign congregations were expelled from China — most of them by 1955 — religious orders had established local churches; nurtured education, especially for women; formed catechists; and ministered to the rural poor.

Profile of Beata Netemeyer

A Catholic sister living the life of the pioneers amid Kansas dust storms on the Great Plains, Beata Netemeyer dedicated her life to obeying God. The courage of her faith makes her decide what for others might seem madness.

Profile of Clementine Zerr

The first Adorer in the United States, Sister Clementine Zerr was a pioneer who was described by her contemporaries as “timid.” But her timidity didn’t stop her from loving Christ and the Church and journeying to a new continent.

Profile of Hermina Gantert

The journey of Hermina Gantert, a pioneer in Bosnia, was full of challenges and difficulties. Her and her followers’ German cultural roots clash with the intense heritage, customs, practices, religious beliefs and philosophy of life of the ancient Ottoman Empire, which existed for 600 years.

Profile of the Five Martyrs of Charity

In October 1992, five Adorers were murdered in Liberia during the Civil War. Despite the dangers of the war, these women chose to remain in Liberia in solidarity with the people because they were convinced of the preciousness of every human person.

Profile of Serafina Cinque

Described as the Angel of Altamira, Serafina Cinque was an Adorer who lived with strength and compassion, bringing God’s love to all lives she crossed. Her unique and troubled family history makes her holiness all the more outstanding.

Born of Courage & Gratitude: A Story of the Ministry of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ in Korea

In the 1960s, many more young Korean women were applying for membership in religious communities than the convents of Korea could accept. It grieved the bishop to see the Church deprived of potential religious women who were so badly needed in the various ministries for God’s suffering people. He asked if the Adorers would accept Korean women into their community if he made the option available to them. This is the story of our answer.

Profile of Paulina Schneeberger

Sister Paulina Schneeberger is one of the great pillars in Adorers’ history. Moving from central Europe to the Balkan Peninsula, and eventually to the United States, Paulina Schneeberger lived a life of adventure from 1863 to 1941. Political events of the time influence this woman’s life, and form the ever-changing background for her journeys.

Profile of Maria Theresa Weber

In her late 20s, Sister Maria Theresa Weber led a religious community in Steinerberg, Switzerland. People who knew her considered her a holy woman, even in her youth. Her life was brief, marked by suffering, humble dedication, and a passionate contemplation of the Crucified Christ in the mystery of his blood.