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Profile of Maria Theresa Weber

 Adorers of the Blood of Christ

In her late 20s, Sister Maria Theresa Weber led a religious community in Steinerberg, Switzerland. People who knew her considered her a holy woman, even in her youth.

Her life was brief, marked by suffering, humble dedication, and a passionate contemplation of the Crucified Christ in the mystery of his blood.

The small group that Maria Theresa Weber led united with the Adorers of Acuto founded by Maria De Mattias, although some members went into exile and dispersed. Similarly, other small groups emerged in other parts of the world. In this interesting study, Sister Alma Pia Spieler, ASC, has summarized historical pages of great intensity in the early decades of life of the Adorers.

Written by Alma Pia Spieler. Translated by Frances Menges, ASC (Wichita) and Marie Kleine, CPPS (O’Fallon. Edited by Angelita Myerscough, ASC (Ruma) and Virginia Volkerding, CPPS (O’Fallon).

Profile Excerpt

Only one who believes that the Lord God directs human history and turns it into salvation history can comprehend the unusual similarity between the Swiss foundation and that of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ founded by Maria De Mattias eleven years earlier in Acuto, Italy, to which the Steinerberg foundation was affiliated in 1847. That both foundations were co-directed by priests is hardly a surprise, given the status of women in the last century. What is surprising is that both co-founders wrote the sisters’ original Rule while in prison. Both the Roman priest, Gaspar del Bufalo, and the fierce native of the Black Forest, Karl Rolfus, atoned behind bars for their loyalty to the Church and to the Pope.

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