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The journey of vocation is a lifelong pursuit. We explore those paths here and invite you to bring us along as you seek your calling. To get these updates straight to your inbox, subscribe now!

2022 or 2020 too?

Often as we turn the page to a new year we take time to reflect on the previous year.  What a wonderful way to move us into new space, new opportunities, or possibly even a new reality for ourselves. 

Finding Faith in the Wait

Advent often reminds us that we are in a season of waiting and preparing. It is a wonderful state to be in if we know what we are waiting for. What have you discovered about yourself this year? How has that prepared you for your future?

Answering Your Call

This week is National Vocations Awareness Week and I’ve been talking a lot about following your call, even when it’s scary or unknown. Making decisions can nearly paralyze you with fear. What if you’re supposed to be doing something else? What if your friends and family don’t support you? What if you fail.

Fall-ing in Love with Change

Change is inevitable. We hear that all the time. In every facets of our lives, if we are going to make way for something new, something else has to change. Like the leaves, we have to stop pouring energy into parts of our lives that need to fall away.