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Fall-ing in Love with Change

 Lori Benge, Vocations Director

Fall is here accompanied by cooler temps and changing leaves. A beautiful array of color is beginning to cover the ground. I always assumed it was these cooler temperatures that made the leaves change, but if that’s the case, why do some leaves hang on while others are quick to drift away on the wind? Why do some seemingly overnight go from green to brown while others mix all the deep colors of fall like they’re putting on a farewell performance?

It turns out there’s a scientific reason. When there is less daylight and cooler temperatures, leaves make less chlorophyll (green pigment).They know at a cellular level that they must change so their tree can store nutrients for new leaves in the spring. I think that’s a pretty powerful testament for trusting God. 

Change is inevitable. We hear that all the time. In every facets of our lives, if we are going to make way for something new, something else has to change. Like the leaves, we have to stop pouring energy into parts of our lives that need to fall away. Sometimes it feels easy and natural. Other times, it feels impossible. Sometimes we take a leap of faith in our lives and other times, these changes are more calculated. 

I envy the leaves a bit if I’m honest. They don’t get caught up in details, logistics, and anxiety about the changes happening in their lives. They trust God to bring the tree back stronger and more deeply rooted. I have to keep reminding myself that God calls us to be open and flexible. God calls us to truly trust in the plan made for us.  This fall, the leaves are reminding me every day to really listen to and trust God to make changes in my life even if it is uncomfortable.

What kind of leaf are you, the slow, gradual change, or one that is ready now?  Whichever you are look at change as an opportunity to make room for a new life. Let’s explore all of God’s beautiful colors for you together.

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