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Finding Balance Amidst Uncertainty

 Lori Benge, Vocations Director

Have you ever thought about rocks teaching us a lesson?  Even though rocks can’t rationally think or process emotions we can learn a lot from them.  I am often amazed at how they can balance on each other with a sense of trust.

I recently had gallbladder surgery and had two “rocks” gallstones the size of golf balls inside of my gallbladder.  I won’t go into the medical analysis of that but when you compare the size of a golf ball and the size of a gallbladder it makes you stop to think how can that be good for the body.  Anyway, I realized when those rocks started rolling around in me I was out of balance, in other words, pain. 

Life tends to throw rocks at us sometimes causing physical, mental or emotional pain.  Often times it manifests itself out of the uncertainties of life.  Let’s face it as humans we like to be in control.  These uncertainties can cause us to get out of balance.  So how do we get back into balance?  Where does our trust lie?

As I was preparing for my surgery, there were a lot of uncertainties but the words “put it in God’s hands” kept swirling in my head.  As I really tried to do that and move the words from my head to my heart, it gave room for focusing on the beautiful blessings of life that surrounded me including the doctors.  I was allowing God to be the stabilizing rock for me that was moving my life back into balance.

Balance sometimes takes time, so are we willing to be patient to let God be present in our lives?  Are we willing to put in the inner work to find the balance amidst the uncertainties in our lives?


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