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One Step to Dancing

 Lori Benge, Vocations Director

When you listen to music, even if you don’t sing or dance, you probably find yourself tapping your foot, humming along, or just appreciating the music.  The point is you are doing something.  Movement is what is important.  We must keep moving in the direction of following our baptismal call.  It is a search to find the right song that impels us to move a little more until we are on our feet dancing like no one is watching.

As I was reflecting on this, one song kept coming to my mind. Now I know we are way past Christmas and not ready for Christmas in July but I encourage you to watch the YouTube video, “Put One Foot in Front of the Other,” from Santa Claus is Coming to Town:

It is a catchy little song, and it is about Winter Warlock’s transformation, support, and encouragement of his new young friend, Kris Kringle.   The point was that Winter Warlock was not only transformed by taking one step at a time, but he walked right out the door and started making a difference in the world.  As you will see in the video he was never alone, nor will you be.  Are you ready for that first step?

So, what is your song?
What brings you joy and excitement?
What is it that makes you take the first step to dancing in the eyes of God?

Keep listening…keep trusting…keep moving.


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