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Living Maria’s Dream

 Adorers of the Blood of Christ

By Sr. Joan Hornick, ASC, and Sr. Margaret Washington, ASC

Through our efforts toward faithful living of our lives as Consecrated Adorers, Sojourners, and Associates; and the opportunities we have had for growth in the spiritual life, we understand the meaning of Sacred Scripture and Jesus’ words to us “to pray always.” And, through the many ways in which we are able to reach out to one another we are drawn to live Community. “Our title, Adorers of the Blood of Christ, reminds us of our call to be a community of apostolic religious whose lives are permeated by the spirit of adoration.” LC 27

During the past two years our prayer together at St. Anne’s has become an experience of greater sharing and reflection using media that is both inspiring and beautiful. Our Community Prayer has taken on a new dimension and calls us to live out Maria’s dream to be a compassionate presence in our world.
Sisters Joan Hornick, Kristen Forgotch, Dani Brought, and Leona Hunter have generously given their time to create prayer services that allow for this to happen through the use of media. We gather in a circle around the TV screen with a projection of beautiful scenery, scriptural passages, psalms, hymns, and pauses for reflection and sharing. These experiences invite us to look into the faces of people around the world and the person next to me, seeing the depth of their suffering. At other times, we sing God’s praises and delight in our beautiful creation; and realize that we must heed the call of our Holy Father Frances to care for our earth. It would be impossible for us not to be moved to see what Maria saw, a world so in need of compassionate love.

All of this is possible through the use of media resources that are both available and plentiful. When the works of composers, artists, poets, and spiritual writers, are combined with themes that draw us to prayer; we envision a greater depth in our prayer life together. All of us share in this ‘life of adoration that impels us to apostolic service.” LC 1

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