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2022 or 2020 too?

 Lori Benge, Vocations Director

Often as we turn the page to a new year we take time to reflect on the previous year.  What a wonderful way to move us into new space, new opportunities, or possibly even a new reality for ourselves. 

But the key is to REFLECT and MOVE FORWARD; not to keep our eyes in the rearview mirror.  So when I was seeing social media posts or hearing people talk about how 2022 sounded like 2020 too, as if to say we are going to relive 2020 again, I immediately became uncomfortable with the thought process.  Yes, I agree we may feel like we have been both literally and figuratively “stuck”, but saying we are reliving 2020 concerns me that people are not moving forward.   There have been many blessings over the last two years. 

The past has contributed to who we are today so how do we take what we have learned and start shaping our future?  Even amid a pandemic, we have learned much about relationships, how to handle adversity, exploring new technology, understanding what is important to us on a deeper level and world dynamics in general.

As I prepared for 2022, like many years, a couple of questions were swirling around in my head. 

Is there anything about myself that I would like to change this year?

What would I try if I knew I would not be anxious or have fear of the unknown?

Focus on these or a couple of others and let your mind and heart find that space to move forward as we slowly emerge from our Covid cocoon.

Blessings on a year full of peace, happiness, and growth,


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