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These Amazing Days

It is August, the last days of summer. I think of August as a time to refresh and renew, to savor the longer days and sweet evenings. I recently had an opportunity to take time away from my regular routine and do just that.

2022 or 2020 too?

Often as we turn the page to a new year we take time to reflect on the previous year.  What a wonderful way to move us into new space, new opportunities, or possibly even a new reality for ourselves. 

Volunteering For. . .Volunteering With

Many of us volunteer for…for food pantries, for immigrants and refugees, for justice organizations…for a myriad of good and worthy causes.  There are people in need who require attention and care and respect.  Consider also with whom you volunteer.

Dorothy Day Letter Discovered in Ruma Archives

Although I’ve done my fair share of daydreaming about that great discovery, I also knew it would probably never happen, until that Thursday, November 16 when I was once again sorting through Sister Angelita Myerscough’s files. There it was, buried in a file of articles about Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker. It’s a 1938 handwritten letter from Dorothy Day to Angelita, carefully protected by a plastic sleeve. Angelita knew what she had, even as a first-year temporarily professed Adorer.