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Working with and Meeting the Sisters: A Year of Reflection

 Rachel Berg2 Comments

I began my journey working for the Adorers in February of 2021. With a few months left of graduate school, this was my first full-time job opportunity. I was raised Catholic up until middle school when religion began to drive a divide in our family. I knew enough about Catholicism when I started this job, but my preconceived notion of Sisters was all wrong.

  I was raised in a conservative traditional Catholic home. I was not allowed to watch or read Harry Potter until three years after the first movie came out. Thus, when researching for my interview on the Adorers website, just finding how proactive and justice-oriented they are began catching my attention.

What I quickly learned in my new role was these women are passionate. They are passionate about the environment, immigration, education, healthcare, and much more. They have all dedicated their lives to some form of service, and even though many are retired, they are still volunteering for one cause or another.

After my one-year work anniversary, I was able to visit Sisters at the centers. Throughout the year, I had met a few Sisters when they came into the office. I spoke with many on the phone or through email to help with all their communication needs. However, it makes all the difference to be able to put a face to a name and a voice. If I thought some of these women were lovely on the phone, I was shown nothing but kindness when I met them in person. I have never received such a warm welcome like that before.

Meals at the centers were a time to talk and connect with all the Sisters. It was a time to hear their backgrounds and reflect on their individual journeys of being a Sister. However, the telling of these stories were not shy of entertaining. Many spent years, even decades in other countries helping provide education and healthcare to those less fortunate. Their dedication and passion for such important world issues are admirable and inspiring.   

 While this career path is not originally where I thought I would land, I am happy to have this job. When I was searching for a job, I knew I wanted to remain in the non-profit realm. I did not want to work for a corporation when I knew I could use my knowledge and skills to make a difference. I am grateful to have these Sisters in my life, as they continue to broaden my knowledge and understanding of the world.


2 thoughts on “Working with and Meeting the Sisters: A Year of Reflection”

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    Sr. Joan Stoverink

    Thank you, Rachel, for this reflection. I am so happy you have chosen to work with us, the Adorers, and to make a difference in the world. God’s blessings will take you to people and places where needs touch your heart.
    Peace and every good!

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    Diane Shirley Kolmer

    Rachel, congratulations on your job with the Sisters of of Action!! Learn about my aunt , Sr. Shirley Kolmer and cousin Joel Kolmer … their time with the ASC and in Liberia.. they changed lives.. as did three other Sisters that worked alongside the Kolmer women.


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