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Holy Ministry

 Sister Sophia Kammer, ASC1 Comment

Every weekday morning around 8:15, our sisters in skilled nursing in Wichita pray together. Later, they come together to pray the rosary.

I got involved a few years ago when I began helping Sister Laurentia Koehler lead our sisters in prayer. Now, I am privileged to pray both times with the sisters. I feel it is such a great opportunity to be with these holy women in our community.

As we have gotten older, our eyesight has grown weaker, so we have opted for prayers printed in large type. Every month or six weeks, I compose a new morning prayer that includes the Precious Blood Canticle, one Psalm, the Benedictus, and intercessions.

I am moved by how fervently and profoundly our dear sisters pray. I see each of them as a living saint. Each shows up for prayer as she is able including Sister Florentia at 104 and Sister Carmelita at 100. Their devotion is inspiring.

After morning prayer, restorative aide Donna Barber leads the sisters in exercises, and I am equally impressed by their efforts.

Some can hardly lift their arms or legs, but they do the best they can. I do the exercises with them so I know how hard each one tries.

Later in the morning, we pray the rosary and a litany. It is such a privilege to be with these holy women. Their individual example gets all of us ready to meet our God.

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