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A Significant Moment

 Adorers of the Blood of Christ

Sister Jenny Sellaro’s professing of final vows late last month was a significant moment for the U.S Region of Adorers. Before Jenny, Sister Hang Pham was the last sister in the region to profess final vows — a decade ago in 2011.

Sister Joan Hornick, former candidate director, said that witnessing Jenny’s profession and ceremony prompted many memories.

Joan witnessed Jenny’s arrival in the U.S. years ago, and after Jenny discerned in Belleville and in Italy, walked with her throughout her formation. 

“I experienced Jenny, as a woman who loves (Adorers foundress) Maria De Mattias and is close to her in all of her life’s circumstances, a woman who felt called to be an Adorer despite the various turns in her life,” she recalled.

“As we witnessed the joy and smile on her on June 26, and all the delight that radiated from the chapel from all of us, it was indeed a joyous and memorable event in the life of the congregation of the Adorers.”

Only a week before Jenny’s final vow celebration, Sister Joann Stuever had celebrated her 25th anniversary of taking vows. It seemed fitting and a dream come true for both of them, she said.

“Sister Jenny and I are swim buddies,” she said. “I had been a member of the Genesis fitness center for many years, and when Jenny moved to the Wichita Center, we decided to go to the pool together. At 6:30 a.m., three times a week, we drove together to the pool. It was a great opportunity for the young (30-plus) and the old (80-plus) to chat, share our dreams, and yes, challenge one another on those cold dark mornings!

“We were rewarded with a deep loving friendship.”

Sister Sarah Harbaugh, who is on her own formation journey, said she is still in disbelief that Jenny has made her forever yes.

“Wow!” she said in amazement and admiration. “That is the one word that comes to mind as I reflect back on Jenny’s perpetual profession.”

The two met when Jenny was visiting at the start of her discernment of entering the U.S. region and Sarah was just starting her journey as a candidate.

“Our relationship has been one of challenging each other through our growth and ideals,” she said. “I am inspired by the witness that Jenny has been for her classmates and professors in college, her coworkers at the hospital, and for those of us still in initial formation.

“The joy on her face as she professed her vows will be something I won’t forget!”

(Sisters Joan Hornick, Joann Stuever, Sarah Harbaugh, and Maria Hughes contributed to this story.)

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