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Easter Evening Peace and Monday Chemo

 Adorers of the Blood of Christ

By Sister Janis Yaekel, ASC

The Easter Vigil celebration and Easter morning liturgy are over.  We have listened to the gospel readings that proclaimed the Resurrection story and have sung our Alleluias. We have celebrated with family and friends over fine food and drink, perhaps eating one too many chocolate eggs or Easter cookies. But Easter is a day for lavish living, when all things are brand new.

Today, I will resume chemotherapy after a long stretch without it, but I live in Easter joy. My Redeemer’s life is the cause of my peace.

As I write this on Easter evening, the house is quiet even as the winds blow outside my window. The sun is setting and soon darkness will cover the land once again but tonight it will be different. This Easter night will not be as dark for the bonds of darkness have been shattered. Tonight, the darkness is comfortable, like an old friend that I embrace with gladness. The joy still glows in my heart as I think of what Christ’s resurrection means to me: life, real lived life, for now and for always.

Tonight, in this hushed moment, Jesus calls out my name just as he did Mary Magdalene’s in the garden. He asks me to see him and believe, and I do believe, and I do see him in my life now, even as I prepare to begin chemotherapy again.

To be sure, there is neither trumpet blast nor grand light show that comes with his whisper of my name, but I think that is kind of overrated anyway.

No, this spoken word comes like the sigh of a breeze in the pine trees outside my window or the quite steady purr of Gracie my cat.

This call of my name sets easy in my heart and my soul is resurrected from guilt and sorrow.  Deep peace is mine tonight. It is for hearing my name spoken by the Beloved.

That, I think, is enough.

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