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Sister Diana Rawlings, ASC

Sister Diana Rawlings has worked in communications and vocations for many of her 48 years as an Adorer. In her current position, she accompanies sisters as they experience life transitions. A Nebraska native who ended up in Kansas, she roots for the Cornhuskers whenever she gets the chance. She also loves to quilt and read.

Read and Be Free

The Wichita Small Grants Committee approved a $250 grant to the Literate Ladies Book Club to purchase books for the Juvenile Detention Facility (JDF) in Wichita, KS. Over 200 books were provided and local bookstores gave a discount because of the association with the Adorers.

Who Needs Lent in a Pandemic?

You probably have felt the same way if you are honest. Haven’t we all been in Lent since the lockdown of March 2020? Some say, “Well, what is another 40 days” to the sacrifices already experienced in the Covid-19 pandemic?