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Sleepover Mini Retreat

 Sister Diana Rawlings, ASC

By Sr. Diana Rawlings, ASC

Sister Josie Mendoza invited the eighth-grade girls from St. Joseph Catholic School for a Mini Retreat at the ASC Wichita Center on Friday, November 3 into Saturday, November 4. The purpose of this mini retreat for the girls was an invitation to come share and experience daily life with the Adorers. Amy Sample, the mother of Zelma, came as a chaperon. 

Zelma said she enjoyed visiting with the sisters during meals and interacting with them. For live entertainment, Zelma invited sisters to join her in country line dancing. Sisters Deborah and Josie responded to the invitation and proceeded to learn “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” as one particular dance. Therefore, Deborah and Josie took up the challenge and we are all grateful that the jumping, swirls, grapevine step and jumping were done successfully, without falling!

Saturday, Zelma and her mother, Amy, got a tour of the Wichita Center both inside and outside.  In addition, the golf cart was used to tour Newman University grounds,  which Zelma really enjoyed driving under the watchful eye of her mom.  As Zelma was leaving Saturday afternoon, she told Sr. Josie “I am not ready to leave!”  All the sisters wish her well.

A disappointing element of the weekend was the phone call Sr. Josie received saying that the other three girls were not coming.  We are confident that by word of mouth, Zelma’s experience with get around by word of mouth and there will be more attending in Spring, 2024.

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