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Vietnam Mission

 Sister Janet McCann, ASC

 A number of years ago, several Vietnamese women who had learned about Precious Blood spirituality from the Missionaries of the Precious Blood in Vietnam expressed interest in becoming Adorers of the Blood of Christ. The decision was made that they would receive their formation in the Asia Continental area, which led to them entering the community with the Adorers in South Korea. Now, after 10 years, the first two Vietnamese women have returned to Vietnam to begin an Adorer Mission.

The start of a new year often inspires hope for fresh possibilities.  This new year of 2019 is certainly looking hopeful for Adorers with the beginning of a Vietnam Mission in Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnamese Sisters Mai Nguyen and Hien Tran, and Sister Mi Sook Kwak had traveled from South Korea to meet January 5 in Ho Chi Minh City.

They were joined by our Vietnamese Sister Hang Pham, who already lives in Ho Chi Minh City and ministers with the nonprofit AiTam. They went house-hunting for a Mission House where the three new arrivals would live.

Land is at a premium in Ho Chi Minh City, so homes are often narrow, with multiple floors. The Mission House has three levels, with six bedrooms, four bathrooms, space for a chapel and room to gather. The house is near public transportation, universities and several Catholic churches. A rather large number of congregations of religious women and men are also nearby, including members of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood and Sister Hang Pham.

Sister Hang will stay where she is now in Ho Chi Minh City and continue ministry with AiTam, and the two Adorer local communities will create opportunities to gather together with each other and with the Precious Blood men.

The plan is for Mai, Hien, and Mi Sook, who serves on the Korean Foundation Council, to settle into their new space, spend time among the people and learn about needs and possibilities for ministry.

They will work together as a team to make decisions regarding community life and mission. The Mission is under the responsibility of the U.S. Region of Adorers, but the Korean Foundation has made a commitment to accompany them at least for four more years, which is when the term for the current Foundation Council ends.

The women are well aware of the interest and support of the U.S. sisters. They are grateful for our prayers for them and for the future of the Adorers’ mission in Vietnam.

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