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To Wait or to Anticipate?

 Lori Benge, Vocations Director

by Lori Benge, Ministry of Vocations Director, U. S. Region

To wait or to anticipate are often used interchangeably but should they be?  During this last week of Advent, we might say we are waiting patiently for the birth of Jesus, but we are also anticipating the birth because we know He is coming.   What is the difference?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines wait as “to remain stationary in readiness or to look forward expectantly” and to anticipate is “to give advance thought, discussion, or treatment to.”

So we need to do both, wait until the time is right but also do our part to anticipate.  We cannot simply sit by and let life just happen.  We have to give thought and planning so that we can make good life decisions when the time is right.  We may need to gather information and engage in conversations but definitely take time for prayer to move forward.

Let us wait and anticipate the birth of Jesus and all life’s decisions but let us also have the courage to go out into the world and spread the good news by our words and actions.

“Don’t always wait for the right opportunity, anticipate it, then create it.”Author Unknown

To reach Lori, call or text her at 314-203-1678.

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