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A Promise Kept

 Sister Regina Siegfried, ASC

Fourth Week of Advent

by Regina Siegfried, ASC

The writer of the passage from 2 Samuel chosen for today’s first reading layers the meaning of the word house.  King David takes his guilt about living in a “house of cedar” while “the ark of God dwells in a tent” to the prophet Nathan.  Through Nathan, God informs David that “he will establish a house for you.”  This dwelling is more than a physical building; it is a family from which God’s kingdom “will be made firm.”

The Gospel, that lyrical and lovely Annunciation story, recounts the incarnation of God’s dwelling among us.  God keeps and fulfills the promise to David in the body of Mary and ultimately in the Body of Christ.  Although David left the task of building the temple in Jerusalem to fittingly shelter the Ark of the Covenant to his son Solomon, David’s descendants are the lineage from which Jesus will be born.  His house is greater and more enduring than a temple built of stones. 

And Mary said yes to God’s invitation to give flesh to God in the person of Jesus.  This last day of Advent offers the opportunity to contemplate the many ways we can respond to God’s request to continue to be the living house of God, the vibrant dwelling place of God among us in our world, society, city, parish, and family today.  God is always true and faithful to the covenants with the people.  We admire people whose word is their bond, and we respect folks who do what they say they will.  God promised God’s people a Savior who would show them a new way of being the chosen ones.  We are the people who say Yes to God’s invitation to be the house of living stones, the Body of Christ today.  Tomorrow’s celebration of Christmas is a promise kept.


  • How do I echo Mary’s “be it done to me according to your word” in my life?
  • What deep mystery of Advent and Christmas do I relish?

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