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The Rains of Grace

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By Sister Janis Yaekel, ASC

I am Sister Janis Yaekel, ASC and I have pancreatic cancer. In fact, I have lived with cancer since 2012. I hope to share in my blog my journey and my reflections on the presence of God in my life. It is my hope that those who read my entries will find strength for their own journeys.

Today, a bright blue Indigo Bunting, with its melodic bird sound, has visited me at the feeder. This is most unusual and special. Normally, one only can catch a glimpse of this beautiful bird along a drive down a country road.

They are a flash of blue that you want to see more closely but never get near enough to observe up close. Today, at this moment I have the Bunting on one side of the feeder and a male cardinal on the other. Awesome! The day is cooler and the birds seem to be enjoying themselves.

I recently saw a urologist to address some troubling symptoms and will have a procedure to check for kidney stones. When I learned that I would have an extensive procedure, it upset me. I could feel the anxiety rising out of fear they might find something more concerning than a stone.

This is the rollercoaster ride of my life. You would think I would be used to it, but I don’t think anyone ever gets used to the uncertainty.

As I look out across the pasture, I see the cornfield. Just two months ago, the corn was no more than an inch high. Now, it is tall and tasseling but the leaves of the plants are also curling from lack of rain.

Just a month ago, we were hoping the rain would stop, and now we watch the sky for the least sign that rain might be on the horizon.

But that is life, isn’t it?

We wait for the rains of grace when our lives seem dry and barren. We hope that God will reveal a refreshing glimpse of the divine in our lives, something or someone who will lift our spirits and energize our weary hearts.

Today, that Indigo Bunting was just the grace I needed to get back into the present moment and out of my anxiety.

What grace is there for you today to help you see God in the here and now?

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