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Reaction to Judge’s Decision in Pipeline Case

 Adorers of the Blood of Christ4 Comments


The Adorers are disappointed with the recent decision of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania allowing Transco to take immediate possession of their property, even though Transco has not yet obtained all of the permits and approvals that it requires to commence construction of the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline.

The Adorers continue to pursue their independent claim that the use of their property for the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline would violate their right to religious exercise as protected by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.



4 thoughts on “Reaction to Judge’s Decision in Pipeline Case”

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    Sisters I am a prolife catholic and an environmentalist. Have you ever thought about the people that need the gas in this pipeline you are protesting?We are continuing to see coal power plants shut down. Have you thought about where the electricity will come from and at what cost? Seniors and children die without heat in the winter. Few can fly to FL like Al Gore and Matt Damon. People in cities can’t burn wood. They don’t live on donations they need jobs. To replace one 3000 MW coal plant requires 15,000+ acres of solar panels. That’s a lot of trees and solar doesn’t work at night. Please pray about what you are doing and understand how cruel it is.

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    You may be a Catholic (that’s with a capital C) and self-described environmentalist, but you are not very informed. Most fracked oil is being shipped to other countries. That which isn’t is not promised to any particular area, cold winters or not. The issue of climate change aside, a company and a judge who appropriate other’s land for profit are the cruel and immoral ones.

    Ladies, I suggest you do more than be “disappointef” in this decision. Do what Martin Luther King, Jr. would do in this situation–take a stance, don’t let the pipeline building take place, make a scene that others can look at and gain confidence from, to take their own stance. Be highly visible to call attention to the immorality of this ruling.
    Standing up for what’s right sometimes takes lots of guts. God and Christ have plenty, so in their name use what they freely share and do the right thing by your land and for all people to see that you mean what you preach.

    Shelly Ryan
    An Al Gore Climate Trainee,
    Climate Change Educator and Activist

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      I am a Catholic and VERY well informed almost every gallon of oil we have comes from fracking and that includes Russia and OPEC’s oil. That is a fact that a freshman petroleum engineer should know. Very little of our oil is exported and we still need to import some oil. What everyone may not know is that oil and natural gas are the building blocks for petrochemicals which make the plastics that make our phones, cars (especially electric one) computers, medicine and most of our shoes and clothing and of course gasoline for our cars. But most Important we are to love one another. To me that means taking into account every one including the the poor and the weak who would be hurt if the pipeline doesn’t get built. I sense anger. I believe we should never be afraid to seek truth, have civilized discussions and be open to ideas to find solutions that can work for every one. All things are possible with God.

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    “Clearly a good Catholic large or small C has absolutely nothing to do with
    the protesting of pipelines or a judges decision to allow a corporation to take immediate possession of the Sister’s (with a capital S) property, even though it has not yet obtained all of the permits and approvals that it requires to commence construction of the pipeline…as DeGrasse Tyson recently stated, when asked about people who have their “facts” that prove climate change is a hoax, put it this way…
    “When you have an established scientific emergent truth it is true, whether or not you believe in it. And the sooner you understand that, the faster we can get on with the political conversations about how to solve the problems that face us.”
    The same tools and methods that predict eclipses and hurricanes also predict climate change.
    No on objected the reality of the eclipse, lots of “hard working citizens” who don’t live off of donations (clearly any good catholic school boy knows sisters don’t live of donations, but that is another conversation!) took time off their jobs, spent their hard earned monies to travel to places so they could witness one of the greatest natural events take place. (Wasted ⛽️ to get to far away destinations) no one said you are wasting an energy source, seniors and children are going to freeze this winter because of your waste….No one said it’s a hoax, no one protested the eclipse. Millions of people boarded up their homes, evacuated areas where Harvey was predicted to make land fall, and why? I mean it was a scientific hoax right? All the pictures of the devastation in Texas are fake news, people didn’t die, lives and livelihood destroyed… those are photoshopped pictures. Lies lies and more lies!
    To even begin to deconstruct the faulty thinking of the gentleman who said
    “Have you ever thought about the people that need the gas in this pipeline you are protesting?…. Seniors and children die without heat in the winter”. Well the fact is a whole lot more Seniors and children are going to die because of climate change, they already are, but that is fake news… Clearly nothing I write or say will convince anyone that what the sisters are protesting is so much bigger then their civil rights being denied or a pipeline through their property. I will not argue about energy sources. I already know (a fact, not a belief) that many European countries are already light years ahead of the US in figuring out how to supply energy to their citizens without using fossil fuels. So the fact, not my belief is that yes we can keep those seniors and children from freezing to death in the winter without fossil fuels….. it is already being accomplished by other countries.. as for all our plastic products…. we figured out recycling a long time ago…. I am glad so many Good pro-life Catholics want to defend the lives and welfare of children, it is admirable…. as for being pro-life, those elderly sisters saying mass in a corn field are actually the ultimate pro-life advocates… you see my silly little gas and oil advocate I’ll try to make this simple, FACT…pro-earth = pro-life…. dead earth = no life. JUST SAYING…

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