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Orlando Weeping

 Adorers of the Blood of Christ

Enjoying the night, relaxing with friends,
In a moment became the beginning of the end.
Hearts racing to music just moments before,
Silenced in an instant by a man who swore,

To condemn those with a life different from his.

We pray for all those who were lost that day,
Their families and friends so grieved today.
Memories of better times, may God bless you.
Lives that meant so much, youth gone too soon.
Blood of Christ in the streets once again.

Poem written by Sister Angela Laquet, ASC

The Adorers of the Blood of Christ minister all over the world and when a tragedy happens like the one in Orlando, Florida it affects all of us wherever we are at the time.  The loss of so many lives, and those who are wounded, the family and friends who mourn are also felt and held in our prayers  here in Rome.

Our lives are so interconnected that, what happens to one touches all of our lives.  We will continue to pray for Orlando and all the many lives who experience this time of great sorrow and brokenness.  Together we remain committed to support you with our prayers and our desire to work for ways to end such violence and disregard for life.

From Sister Mariamma Kunnackal, ASC and our international Congregation
(Rome, Italy)


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