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Excellent Sister Bo Hui Francesca Kang

 Sister Therese Wetta

By Sr. Therese Wetta, ASC

At the annual Academic and Honors Award Convocation at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 10, Sister Bo Hui Kang was one of two masters’ in social work students who received the Excellence in Mastery of Social Work Award. Ten Adorers were present to cheer and applaud Sister Bo Hui for this outstanding recognition that she deserves and has earned.

Sister Bo Hui with supportive sisters after graduation

Sister Bo Hui has spent countless hours poring over her textbooks to understand their content. She has given more hours to writing the numerous reflection and research papers demanded of a graduate student. In her two years, even more hours have been devoted to internships that include St. Jude’s Elementary School and her most recent experience with Mental Health Association of South-Central Kansas.

Commencement on May 10 will mark the completion of Sister Bo Hui’s remarkable educational journey when she is awarded the master’s in social work degree from Newman University.

Congratulations, Sister Bo Hui, on a well-earned and deserved degree!

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