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At the Brink of 50, I Want More for my World

 Adorers of the Blood of Christ

By Sister Angela Laquet, ASC

As I stand at the threshold of turning 50, I am blessed to have recently attended a 10 day seminar for Adorers on being middle aged. I was invited to take time away from the busyness of normal activities to dwell in the depths of my well of life, along with ASC Sisters from around the world.

The program gave me an opportunity to reflect on my journey so far — at this “noontime” point of life. It began with quiet to allow the voice of God to touch my heart, to explore and embrace the graces that pierced the most difficult times in my life.

I came to understand that my journey is not unlike that of Sisters from other cultures. Though we come from different countries, each of us relies and trusts in the providence of God. At this time of life, I am maturing in my prayer life and self-understanding that allows me to know God who dwells within me, more completely.

Standing at nearly 50, I am forced to look at where I am now, experienced in my ministry and my own way of being. My prayer life is much richer and I listen more, and talk less, to God, unlike in my youth.  I have healthy relationships, in which I find God more and more.

As I gaze to the future, I realize that I have lost my youthful fear of not being accepted or loved, of being alone.

I am more open to possibilities.

Now I want more for my world, instead of myself. My view of the world has changed and broadened, my hopes have been transformed.

  • I want all people to love one another.
  • I want children with happy childhoods.
  • I want sharing of the fruits of the earth so no one starves.
  • I want my beloved Earth to be preserved for generations to come.
  • I want all to be treated as equals, no matter gender, orientation, creed, ability or country of origin.

With God’s help, I will remain faithful, regardless of where I go from here.

And my advice at this seasoned age?

Take time to be, to listen, to have conversations that matter with those around you. God is waiting to be explored.

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