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A “PIG” by Many Other Names

 Adorers of the Blood of Christ

By Sr. Cecilia M. Hellmann, ASC

Hamilton; Albert Swinestine; Piggywiggle; Lady Porkington; Sir Hamelot;
Oinkers; Cocina; Amur (Ruma backwards); Pizza; Abraham

These are just some of the names given by ASC Junior Associates to their “crocheted pigs.” Along with receiving other symbols, this humorous little animal is given each time a young candidate completes the required preparation and makes her/his promise as a full member of the ASC Junior Associate Club. At each of these gatherings the story about the little PIGS has been told.

In 2011, when the ASC JC Club for youth began, the very first candidate was Teresa Jimenez Nickerson, age 10. Among those attending the Associate meeting in Millstadt, where Teresa made her promise as a full member, was Sr. Ann Connolly. As a special gesture of welcome, Sr. Ann presented Teresa with one of her original “pig” creations. When the ritual concluded, Teresa happily announced that her pig’s name was Bacon. So began a tradition of giving and naming a pig, and it continues to this day.

Sister Rachel Lawler is now a key actor in the story of these little ASC pigs. She has answered so many calls to ministry in her life of 94 years. Among those were her many years as a house parent for little ones at the Children’s Home in Alton, her time as a missionary in Liberia, West Africa, and her years of coordinating transportation and drivers at Ruma. Other talents include being an excellent seamstress and quietly serving wherever needed.

So, when Sr. Ann’s health left her unable to crochet, Sr. Rachel began to create PIGS! Each stuffed animal she makes is unique and colorful, and sits waiting for an ASC Junior Associate to claim and name! Many pigs over the years have traveled across the United States. Yet Rachel’s living room at Benedictine Living Center in Belleville, though neat and clean as ever, continues to be her little pig pen!

To misquote Shakespeare, “What’s in a name? That which we call a ‘pig’ by any other name doth smell so sweet!” Thank you, Sr. Rachel, for your original creations that bring smiles and the scent of belonging to our ASC Junior Associates.

Photo by Sr. M. Alan Wurth, ASC

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