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Third Sunday of Lent

 Sister Barbara Hudock

by Sr. Barbara Hudock, ASC

On this Third Sunday of Lent we are reminded in the gospel acclamation that God so loved the world that we were given the Son. When I was young our church had a huge, beautiful, larger than life size crucifix hanging over the altar.  It made a lasting impression on me of loved poured out. It said to me, “This love has been given to you. Live out of this love.” I believe that’s our goal in life.  Receive God’s love and let it spill over into our everyday life.

Reflecting on the gospel I’m finding myself called to put God first.  If I want to see where God fits in my life, I look at how I spend my time. It is good to spend time with God.  But we never think we have enough time for all that happens every day, let alone have time to spend with God.  My awareness of God in my life can be as simple as my daily thoughts. I am grateful for the people I’m with…thank you, God.  Steeped in worries, I might tell God I could use some extra grace right now.  I can daily believe that God is with me and blesses my every step and thought and action. I can live as if God is with me in all ways…because God is. 

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