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The Women’s Network New Location

 Sister Mary Catherine Clark, ASC

By Sr. Mary Catherine Clark, ASC

Stephanie Jakub, Board Chair, Tisha Cannizzo, Executive Director, Sr. Diana Tenbrink, and Carol Ablah

Typically, when a firehouse is re-purposed, we might not think of it becoming home to an ASC sponsored ministry whose mission is to empower women coming out of abuse and trauma to gain financial independence and emotional stability. The Women’s Network of Wichita, Dress for Success-Wichita, now have such a historic location. Situated on the southeast corner of Topeka and Lewis in downtown Wichita, this fire station was remodeled as Fireworx, a commercial site. In April, first floor became home to TWN-DFS.

A group photo from about 50 years ago of the firefighters serving with dedication and valor from this location included a woman and a man of color. Ground-breaking! From this corner, TWN and DFS are proud to carry on the dedication, valor, and community service to those in need for which this location was known. This is holy ground.

ASCs currently on the Board are Sisters Patty Owens, Diana Rawlings, and Mary Catherine Clark. In attendance for the Ribbon Cutting were Sr. Diane Tenbrink who ministered there in early years and Mrs. Carol Ablah, first Executive Director and friend/supporter of the Adorers for decades. ASCs from Wichita Center will be going to a private Open House later.

The ASC owned building at the corner of Emporia and 4th that once was rented by Center of Hope and Wichita Women’s Initiative Network is now vacant and in the process of being sold.

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