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Stellar Support: A Reflection on Insurrection

 Sister Mary Shaw, ASC

Star of wonder, star of night, calling me to awe!

Like the yin and yang, inviting the other to passion and growth,

Light and darkness cradling Life.

               Darkness, chaos, violence, insurrection now draw our attention.

Blood stains our land and gloom seems to envelop us.

Star of wonder, star of night, are you gone?

O Light that just shone so brightly…

 whither didst thou go?

The shadows haunt us, the cries and clamor deafen us.

Rage seems to swallow us up.

O Light, whither didst thou go?

Ah, I went into the chamber to finish the task at hand. 

 I stood by to help the other to see.

 All is not darkness.

Light shines always and even in the midst of darkness. 

                     The Light draws forth Hope, calm and promise.  

All shall be well.

The Light warms us and draws us to our feet and propels us forward.

O Light, whither didst Thou go?

      I am cradled in the darkness and take wings when you seek me.

I am here.  Always! Guiding you to that perfect Light.

Star of Night!

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