Justice is love in action.

We Adorers seek to educate ourselves and others on important issues of social justice in our world.

Tragedies such as poverty, war, racism, and global warming separate us in a way that does not mirror our hope for the Kingdom of God.

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We are for women.

Through our ministries, we empower women by providing education, heath care, job skills and networks of mutual support. We pray for gender equality in society and the church.

We are for earth.

We advocate for policies on a global level that respect the interdependence of our Earth community. On a local level, we seek collaborators to help implement land use practices that are in harmony with our bioregions and ecosystems, including gardening and bee keeping.

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We are for immigrants.

We stand with the stranger, asking lawmakers to support just immigration law reform that respects the dignity of every human. Migrants fleeing war, repression, violence, and poverty deserve a safe and welcoming home.

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Whereas, we Adorers of the Blood of Christ believe creation is a revelation of God, we proclaim that:

As Adorers, we honor the sacredness of all creation; we cultivate a mystical consciousness that connects us to the Holy in all of life.

As women, we celebrate the rhythms of creation; with Mother Earth we live the  Paschal Mystery of life, death and new life and, with others, preserve and nurture creation.

As students of Earth, we listen intently to Earth’s wisdom; we respect our interconnectedness and oneness with creation and learn what Earth needs to support life.

As prophets, we reverence Earth as a sanctuary where all life is protected; we strive to establish justice and right relationships so that all creation might thrive.

As leaders, we know our choices impact our interdependent Earth community; we initiate broad-based participation to make decisions focused on our common good.

As advocates of Earth, we choose simple lifestyles that avoid excessive or harmful use of natural resources; we work in solidarity with all creation for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

As companions with creation, we enjoy and share its bounty gently and reverently; we seek collaborators to help implement land use policies and practices that are in harmony with our bioregions and ecosystems.

As co-creators, we participate in God’s dream for Earth; we offer new visions and vistas that expand consciousness and encourage creative expression.

As ASC community, we treasure land as a gift of beauty and sustenance; we see it as a legacy for future generations.

We, the Leadership Team of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ of the United States Region, wish to publicly share our commitment to advocate for an end to gun violence and its root causes and to promote pragmatic solutions through significant and meaningful dialogue and legislation.

We support:

  • the dignity and value of human life;
  • the rights of individuals to lawfully own guns for protection and recreational purposes;
  • universal background checks on all gun purchases;
  • a waiting period before purchasing a gun;
  • banning assault-style rifles;
  • limiting access to all military or police-style guns;
  • requiring that all guns be sold and registered through licensed entities;
  • expanding and funding mental health care services

We applaud the dedication of law enforcement personnel to provide public and private citizens with protection and safety. We seek legislation that mandates and funds adequate training and protective equipment to law enforcement agents.

We denounce the position of those who use ‘the right to bear arms’ in the Second Amendment to the Constitution to mean private citizens should have unchecked access to all styles of guns without adequate legal verification of mental stability, mandatory gun safety training and licensing.

We walk as compassionate companions with all victims of gun violence.

Sisters Barbara Hudock, ASC, Francine Schuster, ASC, Jan Renz, ASC, Janet McCann, ASC, Maria Hughes, ASC

Because we Adorers of the Blood of Christ believe that

  • all life is sacred,
  • capital punishment is an affront to the sacredness of life,
  • capital punishment does not serve as a deterrent to criminal behavior,
  • capital punishment does not heal the pain caused to the victim’s family, friends and others,
  • capital punishment perpetuates the cycle of violence, and conversion is as possible through God’s goodness for the perpetrator of the crime as for any person,

we endorse the abolishment of capital punishment in the States in which we live, the United States, and in the world and we commit ourselves to engage in activities that will seek to end the death penalty in those States where it is in effect and to work toward the goal of ending everywhere the option of the death penalty for criminal behavior.

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