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New Year Celebration Photos

 Adorers of the Blood of Christ

Benedictine –

New Year’s Eve at Benedictine Living Community. The evening included music entertainment entitled Tommy Tunes. It was great to sing along; some enjoyed dancing and all enjoyed sparkling grape juice and popcorn. The activity director ended the event by dropping a beach ball as audience counted back from 10. The spirit of the event was contagious!!

Washington Retreat House –

ASCs at the Washington Retreat House
Srs. Joan Hornick, Sara Dwyer, Helene Trueitt, Nylas Moser
Seated: Anne Marie Meadowcroft, Dani Brought

Wichita –

Proud artist’s displaying their creative expression at the beginning of a New Year. Front row: Doris Owens, Sisters Patty Owens and Marsha Wilson. Back row: Sisters Josie Mendoza, Jenny Sellaro, Deborah Schovanec , Edwina Pope, Sue Andrew, Mona, our instructor, Diana Rawlings, and Diane Tenbrink. Absent is Sr. Bernadine Wessel.

Sisters Josie Mendoza, Bo Hui Kang, Teresa Bahr and Barb Borders challenge each other to Rummikub. By the way, the winner takes all!

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