By Sister Krystal Funk, ASC

As a musician who’s pursuing a master’s degree in music therapy, I naturally turned to music and song for insights into how I might spend my Lent.

In my research, I fell upon the song, “Beautiful Things,” by Gungor, which seems relevant for the Lenten season.

It says, in part:

All this pain
I wonder if I’ll ever find my way
I wonder if my life could really change, at all
All this earth
Could all that is lost ever be found?
Could a garden come out from this ground, at all?

It goes on to say, “You make beautiful things.”

As we enter the dark, soul-searching period of Lent, we might look at ourselves and ask “what is wrong with me that needs to be fixed” over these 40 days?

But maybe that’s incorrect thinking. Maybe, it is not so much what is wrong with me, but what is right?

So what is right?

That leads me to the lyric of the Gungor song. “What are the  beautiful things you make?” And what gifts have each of us received from God?

Maybe this Lent, the challenge is to share our gifts from God with one another. Sure, I could lose weight, or do this or that.

But I could also volunteer at a homeless shelter. I can help those in need.

I wonder if that is the challenge of this Lent and beyond: helping those in need. Perhaps Lent is about others and not so much about me.

I hope that this Lent, we can identify the gifts we have been given in order for us to help one another.

We all have gifts.

We are all beautiful — and loved.



2 thoughts on “Lenten Twist: It’s Not About Me”

  1. Krystal this is Denise I wanted to let your know how important your article was as related to me during difficult times such as this. Keep up the good news and if you have a track of the song I look forward to hearing it on FB.
    Blessings ,
    Denise Woodrum

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