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Eclipse of the Sun

 Sister Angela Laquet, ASC

By Sr. Angela Laquet, ASC

The recent total eclipse event captured the enthusiasm of a nation and obscured many of the other news items of the day. I was just as enthusiastic, as I stood in front of the Mission Center with my special “eclipse” glasses and pin hole cards, staring at the natural wonders unfolding. After the hoopla, I returned to the office to finish the day, feeling more at one with creation. To allow myself some “afterglow,” I pondered and prayed over what I witnessed.

Recently at the Easter Vigil, we heard a chant of “Light of Christ,” as the Easter candle entered our churches. The sun is also a symbol of that light. As the moon began to cover the sun during the eclipse, it blocked out the light. I wondered… what obscures my vision of the Son? I imagined that busyness, lack of prayer time, unhealthy relationships, and apathy towards others, would keep me from seeing the Son in my life.

I won’t damage my eyes looking for the Son, but He is hard to find when I am upset, really sad, or angry. Others have helped me during those times. When I feel that my view of the Son is totally obscured, I remember the rays that still blaze out from around the moon during a total eclipse. The Son is still there, even if I am blocked from fully seeing Him. What special lenses must I wear to see the Son clearly? I’m certain that the lenses of faith, hope and love help greatly.

As the moon moves away from the sun, I am reminded of things that lead me to greater clarity in my view of the Son. Reading Scripture, prayer time, spiritual reading, spending time in nature, ministering to others, journaling, and faith sharing have all helped me keep my eyes on the Son. I need to return there frequently so that my vision is clearer.

The total eclipse of the sun is a rare event that warmed the hearts of millions of observers. The event lasted a few minutes, but the memories last a lifetime. Once we encounter the Son, it is a transformational moment that lasts an eternity.

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