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Darkness into the Light

 Lori Benge, Vocations Director

Why does darkness cause anxiety? Is it the feeling of the unknown? Is it a reaction to not being in control?  In the dark, we are able to evoke our senses more deeply.  For example, in the dark, we do not literally see so we hold onto memories of images and feelings of what something actually looks like.  We are more aware of our touch since our minds are less likely to be distracted by our surroundings.  And we sometimes even hear sounds we wouldn’t normally hear.  So what does this mean on our spiritual journey?

We need that darkness whether figuratively or literally to give ourselves a deeper awareness of our true self.  It is a gift, an opportunity to see clearer, listen more intensely, and hear God’s plan for us with a deeper understanding of yourself.  But we have to be willing to sit in that darkness.

However, we cannot become complacent sitting in the dark.  As Einstein stated, “Darkness is merely the absence of light.”  So are we willing to search for the light which is a more profound love of ourselves and a courageous yearning to saying “yes” to all God is asking of us? 

Hopefully, during this Holy Week, you are able to sit in the darkness, expose, embrace and encounter those feelings but be ready to move into the Easter light.  Be confident in your journey wherever God is calling you. God is our light and is always there.

Lori Benge

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