By Sister Barbara Hudock, ASC

I imagine that each day we receive and give blessings. They are like the air around us. We breathe in blessings as we realize that we are blessed and the world around us is a blessed place. And then we breathe out the blessings we have received to others.

The world is a tough place with many unknowns, differences of opinions and beliefs. It includes people who want things a certain way, people who want what is best for all, and people who believe controversy is the best way to move forward. The world also has people who struggle to have basic necessities, and who are caught in unjust situations.

We might not be able to solve the world’s problems, but we are called to be a blessing. What does that look like?

A blessing looks like challenging a pipeline company, recognizing the odds against you, but pushing the conversation anyway. It looks like finding ways to help immigrants, whether that is teaching them English, helping to find them safe housing, or taking them something to eat.

It looks like inviting the homeless to a meal, helping them get their clothes washed, and sharing the spirit of Jesus and (our founder) Maria de Mattias in Liberia, the Philippines, Vietnam and all the other places where we live and work.

It means listening and lifting the people and situations of our world before our God, asking that we might receive the blessings we need.

  • What blessings have you received lately?
  • How are you a blessing in our world?