Our Story

We will be ready to spend our lives for our dear neighbor in whatever way is most pleasing to God.

– St. Maria De Mattias, ASC foundress, in letter to Bishop Vincenzo Annovazzi, 1840

mariapaintingwithtwokidsWe are the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, a vowed religious community of Roman Catholic women who were founded in 1834 as a teaching order by the Italian, St. Maria De Mattias, in the small town of Acuto Italy.

We also call ourselves “ASCs,” short for our community’s Italian name. Worldwide, we are 2,000 women strong, including 300 in the U.S.

Our foundress educated women and girls at a time when it was unpopular to do so. Her dedication and leadership inspired an international community of religious women.

Our special gift is reconciliation and living in deep compassion with the pain and suffering of others. It is based on our belief in the redemptive power of Jesus Christ’s suffering and death.

We work in education, health, pastoral care, counseling, with immigrants, in overseas missions and other fields. (We’ve even had a firefighter among us.)

In the vision of our foundress, we work toward “that beautiful order of things” in a world that is troubled and torn, sometimes taking unpopular stands in the pursuit of social justice.

We are found around the globe, including in Guatemala, Bolivia and Korea. We have walked with people in war zones in China, the Congo, Guinea Bissau and Liberia, where five of our missionaries were killed  in 1992.

Our Leadership

Our  five-person Leadership Team is nominated and selected to serve a six-year term.
The current team will serve until 2018.

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“I love being on a mission of spreading God’s love and doing that with this amazing group of women.”

Originally from St. Bernard’s Parish in Wood River, Ill., I came to Ruma Convent for high school as an aspirant and graduated from Gibault High School in Waterloo, Ill.

Higher Education: Bachelor’s degree in psychology and elementary education, Saint Louis University; Master’s degree in instruction and administration, Boston College

Ministry: Primary teacher 10 years, Principal 22 years; U.S. Regional Leader of Adorers two years, Councilor, six years


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Higher Education: Bachelor’s degree in psychology, Master’s and Doctoral degrees in education administration, Saint Louis University; Honorary Doctorate, Quincy University; Certificates in Missouri and Illinois in elementary education, administration, learning disabilities, behavior disorders etc.

Ministry: Elementary school teacher two years, Administrator/Principal 29 years; U.S. Regional Leader of Adorers, six years; Councilor/Treasurer 2 years


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“I’ve been a vowed member of the Adorers for 36 years. The Adorers inspire me to be my best self, and I love being a part of a group that strives to ‘bring about that beautiful order of things!’ And, they laugh at my jokes!”

Taught by the Adorers of the Blood of Christ at Holy Family School, Cahokia, Ill., and at St. Teresa Academy, East St. Louis, Ill.

Higher Education: Bachelor’s degree in education, Saint Louis University; Master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, Xavier University New Orleans

Ministry: Primary teacher 12 years, Principal 20 years [/toggle]

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“What I love most about being an Adorer is knowing the many great Adorers from around the world and being encouraged to follow their lead in listening to God’s Word as it is spoken today.”

Born in Ford Dodge, Iowa, and attended Saint Edmond’s Catholic High School

Higher Education: Bachelor’s degree in nursing, Saint Louis University; Master’s degree in science, University of Arizona

Ministry: Practiced as a registered nurse for 10 years before becoming certified as a nurse midwife. Served as a midwife and administrator for pregnant and parenting teens for 18 years in New Mexico


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“Being a member of the Adorers calls me to be more fully who I am by inviting me beyond the borders of my comfort to a world rich in diversity and so in need of compassion.”

I met the Adorers of the Blood of Christ through the youth ministry at my parish, Seven Sorrows of the BVM, in Middletown, Penn.  I was a junior at Bishop McDevitt High School in Harrisburg, Penn., and was very involved in our youth group and choir.

Higher Education: Bachelor’s degree in education, Millersville (Pennsylvania) State University; Master’s degree in educational administration, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh; Certificate from the Institute of Religious Formation,  Saint Louis University

Ministry:  Primary teacher, six years; Elementary School Principal, six years; Director of the Institute of Religious Formation, Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, five years. Served my community for 16 years in various ways, especially in formation and leadership [/toggle]

Our Locations


Columbia, Penn.

Columbia Center
3954 Columbia Avenue
Columbia, PA 17512

Phone: 717-285-4536

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Ruma Center3

Ruma, Ill.

Ruma Center
2 Pioneer Lane
Red Bud, IL 62278

Phone: 618-282-3848

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Wichita Center

Wichita, Kan.

Wichita Center
1165 Southwest Boulevard
Wichita, KS 67213

Phone: 316-942-2201

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