Junior Associates

What is a Junior Associate?

Members of the ASC Junior Associate Club are Catholic youth ages 11-20 who want to grow in their faith through prayer, study, and charity.

How does someone join?

Presently, most of our Junior Associates live in the Midwest. However, we would like to expand the program to other places as we are able. For more information or to inquire about joining, please contact Sister Cecilia Marie Hellmann, ASC.

Some things you might be asked to do as a Junior Associate:

  • Say a daily prayer for peace
  • Read a small booklet to help better understand Scripture
  • Learn about Saint Maria De Mattias and the international ASC story
  • Interview an ASC sister and report about what you learned

 Junior Associate Promise

Today I, [your name], promise to listen and learn more about the message of love that Jesus taught. I will try to live that kind of Gospel love in my life. As a member of the ASC Junior Associate Club, I will continue to learn about all God’s people and their special needs, and I will pray for justice and peace for them. I also promise to read the newsletter that is sent. In this way I hope to catch the spirit of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ and join in their mission. Like St. Maria De Mattias, I will trust that God is with me as I try, day by day, to be a witness of the great love of Jesus, who gave his Precious Blood for each and every person.