Habits: The Good, The Bad, and The Holy

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The United States Adorers of the Blood of Christ, rooted in the Gospel of Jesus, are ecclesial women, living in community, witnessing God’s love in Mission to empower others, foster oneness, celebrate life, form right relationships, and walk as compassionate companions.


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Vicki Bergkamp

Download Vicki’s transcript.

We’re kicking off Habits with a bang talking to U.S. Region Leader Vicki Bergkamp, ASC. You’ll hear how she came to her position and get a glimpse into life as a religious sister. Plus you’ll hear her answer some of your most asked questions.

Sr. Fran Schumer

Download Fran’s Transcript.

This week we’re sitting down with Sr. Fran Schumer who went from summers at the Dairy Mart to Executive Director of ASC Health. Along the way, we discuss her life, the numerous positions she’s held, and what it’s like to come into your own as a religious sister.

Sr. Diana Rawlings


This week we’re sitting down with Sr. Diana Rawlings. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn why there is a tree planted in her name in Wichita Kansas.

Sr. Tarcisia Roths

Tarcisia has served as a teacher, professor, world traveler, and President of Newman University just to name a few. On this episode, you’ll hear about the remarkable legacy she has created and why basketball became a hot topic during her time at Newman University.