Habits: The Good, The Bad, and The Holy

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Who we are

The United States Adorers of the Blood of Christ, rooted in the Gospel of Jesus, are ecclesial women, living in community, witnessing God’s love in Mission to empower others, foster oneness, celebrate life, form right relationships, and walk as compassionate companions.


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Episode 1: Vicki Bergkamp

Episode 2: Fran Schumer

Episode 3: Diana Rawlings

Episode 4: Tarcisia Roths

Episode 5: Clara Smith

Episode 6: JoAnn Mark

Episode 7: Edwina Pope

Episode 8: Laurentia Koehler

Episode 9: Joann Stuever

Episode 10: Bernadine Wessel

Episode 11: Margaret Knoeber

Episode 12: Miriam Rau

Episode 13: Mary Kevin Rooney

Episode 14: Mary Schoenecker

Episode 14: Patty Owens