Share Our Mission

Every baptized person is called to holiness.

Associates join the sisters in prayer, ministry, retreats, work and play, and they meet regularly as small groups for prayer, meals and fellowship for support and growth. They walk together on their spiritual journey, and with us through prayer and example.

We have Associates throughout the U.S., and in Puerto Rico and Liberia, and even at a men’s prison in Lexington, Oklahoma.


Lay persons, both women and men, may join the Adorers as Associates if they are inspired by our spirituality and feel called to mercy, compassion and justice. Associates meet regionally for study, prayer, and retreats.

Becoming an Associate is a great way to strengthen your personal spirituality, your connection to the charism of the Adorers, and meet others with whom you can journey through life.

If you feel the desire for a shared spirituality and if you are attracted to our mission as witnesses of God’s love to others, please consider joining us as an Associate. Contact Sister Angela Laquet, ASC.

Jr. Associates

Members of the ASC Junior Associate Club are youth ages 10-20 who want to grow in their faith through prayer, study, and charity.

Jr. Associates begin their participation as a candidate by saying a daily prayer for peace, reading a small booklet to help better understand Scripture, learning about Saint Maria De Mattias and the international ASC story, and interviewing an Adorer.

Presently, most of our Junior Associates live in the Midwest. However, we would like to expand the program to other places as we are able. For more information or to inquire about joining, please contact Sister Cecilia Marie Hellmann, ASC.