We each have a calling.

There are many ways to explore a vocation with the Adorers.

Some may feel led to become a vowed member of our community.
Others walk with us as Associates, Junior Associates, and Sojourners.
Consider how you might respond to God’s call. We would love to get to know you!


“Being a member of the Adorers calls me to be more fully who I am by inviting me beyond the borders of my comfort to a world rich in diversity and so in need of compassion.”  – Sister Maria Hughes, ASC


Lay persons sharing our spirituality

Associates of all ages join the sisters in prayer, ministry, retreats, work and play, and they meet regularly as small groups for prayer, meals and fellowship for support and growth.

We have Associates throughout the U.S., and in Puerto Rico and Liberia, and even at a men’s prison in Lexington, Oklahoma. We also have a Junior Associate program for Catholic youth ages 11-20.


Deepening the commitment

Sojourners are a small group of lay persons who feel very strongly committed to the charism of the Adorers. They go a step further than Associates by committing to three solemn “promises” that mirror the sisters’ vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. Dedication to a simple lifestyle, radical love of God and others, and undertaking what God has asked them to be and do is at the heart of their community. The Sojourners meet as a group, remotely, once a month.


Become an Adorer

We Adorers of the Blood of Christ hear God’s Spirit calling us to continued life as compassionate and reconciling forces in the modern world. We are alive, strong and needed more than ever to help bring about Christ’s promise of justice, love and peace. Consider joining us in our mission and community life. Our sisters love being Adorers!

Confused about what path to take?

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