By Sister Regina Siegfried, ASC

It’s possible that I descended from the Germanic tree-worshipping druids. How else can I explain why trees captivate me?

During a retreat at the Adorers’ motherhouse in Ruma, Illinois, shortly after the Feast of the Holy Trinity, I discovered trees with three trunks that have graced our grounds for years, but that I just noticed. Big trees, medium-sized trees and saplings, these “trini-trees” were hiding in plain sight, waiting for me to notice their tri-trunks growing into branches.


The more I walked around, the more they seemed to wave at me. Why was it only now, after many years of wandering Ruma’s grounds, that I finally gave them the attention they deserved?

That some of Ruma’s venerable trees have three trunks is as baffling to me as the mystery of the Three-in-One God.  I do believe that grace is always here; we live into it only when it’s time.

It’s apparently time for me to pay attention to the mystery of “trini-trees.” And the Trinity.