By Sister Kris Schrader, ASC

In Guatemala, having your own stylized signature is important. All documents, logs of meetings, school registration and bank transactions require a signature. Women who have not been able to attend school often use a simple X and have someone print their name alongside it or simply ink their thumbprint.

The Adorers’ Maria De Mattias Library & Resource Center is working with small groups of women with extremely limited literacy skills who are mothers of our first-year, junior high school students. One of the goals is to help each woman learn to sign her name.

In this first unit, we are combining the class with a hands-on learning experience in woodworking. The women are working in pairs to make a bench they will be able to take home.

As they work with the large industrial machines and have success, that has translated to confidence in the class work. We Adorers talk about transformation during this season of Lent. I am struck by how much these women are being transformed. They are less shy. They laugh more. Their pride shines through them, and they delight in each small success.

What a blessing to be able to spend this time with them.

And I sit with the question of how I am being transformed during this time, because of this gift.

What gift is transforming you?