By Sr. Barbara Hudock, ASC

Today, on March 4, we remember the founding of our community. We celebrate in a special way this year with the Missionaries of the Precious Blood who are preparing to celebrate their 200th anniversary on July 1.

Twelve years before the founding of the Adorers, Maria’s spirit was moved by the mission given by Gaspar Del Bufalo, CPPS, who founded this new congregation of priests only six years earlier.

We celebrate our founding and realize that we stand on the shoulders of leaders who responded to God’s call in their day. We also are called in our present day to respond to God’s call. What are the future possibilities for each one of us, whether our future span of time is one, three, 10 or 50 years?

Look at the power that is available to each of us. These ideas are taken from Werner Erhard’s theories presented in Peter Block’s book, “Community: The Structure of Belonging.”

The power of language: Have a conversation that you have not had before, one that has the power to create something new in the world.
The power of context: Nothing in our life will shift until we can question, and then choose once again, the basic set of beliefs that lie behind our actions.
The power of possibility: Possibility is a declaration, a declaration of what we create in the world each time we show up. Our thoughts and values are present in the world ‘each time we show up’.

Each day we live into the future. It is not just our past that shapes us. The future that one lives into shapes one’s being and action in the present.

To celebrate the Adorers’ Foundation Day, let us all ‘show up’ and have a conversation with ourselves and others about what we bring to the future.