By Sister Maria Hughes, ASC

This week, we celebrate Lincoln’s Birthday and Valentine’s Day.  What do these two celebrations have in common?

Lincoln emancipated people. Valentine’s Day invites an emancipation of our hearts.

The Sisters of St Joseph practice something called the “State of the Heart” and “State of the Community.”

They gather with one another and each shares the state of her heart. Then, they broaden the universe and share with one another the state of the heart of the community.

  • How free are we to share our hearts?
  • Are we willing to be vulnerable and hospitable with one another?

The symbol of the Adorers is a heart with a cross.

It is a reminder that we open our hearts to others. That invites us into “an emancipation,” a process of being set free from all that enslaves us, to be liberated.

  • What is the state of your heart?
  • Is it open to others?
  • Are you free to do what you can to help make a better world?