By Sister Barbara Hudock, ASC

“God loves us and is determined to prove it.”

I love this quote. It comes from Elizabeth Johnson’s book, “Quest For the Living God.” I offer it as a gift for this new year.

Yes, we have the gift of another year. What will we do with it?

As we step into the new year, we can first take time to realize that the gifts of time and a God who deeply loves us are ours. Yet, they can so easily be taken for granted.

Realizing that we have these gifts each day, we might think, “What shall I do with this time and love that are given to me?” The answer: Pass them on.

The following reflective questions can help us look at how we can give our time and love as gift.

  • What is our brokenness?
  • What are the wounds of the world?
  • How do we choose life, for ourselves and others?
  • What needs touch our hearts?
  • Where are those needs present in our world?

Sometimes, the first step in responding to a gift is to be aware that we have it. The realization of what we have and our awareness of the people and world around us can amazingly lead us to whatever next steps we will take.

Happy New Year.