Poem: Like Every Other Place

By Sister Marcia Kruse, ASC

Sister Marcia has traveled far and wide, including the places mentioned below. She’s most recently moved to Rome, Italy, to learn Italian. She wrote a poem about her experiences.


Rome is like every place else.

It is like Bolivia
It’s far away from home
People squint when you speak their language
You wear your winter coat inside the house
You mop with a broom and a rag
Crossing the street is perilous
You hang your clothes outside to dry

It’s like China
Un-understandable store signs
Different plumbing
Unusual foods
Lots of smog
People wear red,

Quills and Keyboards

By Sr. Janet McCann, ASC

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Acuto, Italy, where my community, the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, was founded by St. Maria De Mattias in 1834. (Learn more about the Adorers’ foundress and history here.)

I was there to help review proposals for funding formation and ministry projects for Adorers throughout the world, and to disburse funding. But I also found time to enjoy the beauty all around those of us gathered at the meeting.

The visit offered lots of contrasting images: